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S L O W   L O V E   James N. Powell's writings on Polynesian love and romance are  promoted by:
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Hiroyuki Itsuki is Japan's most popular writer as well as a revered Buddhist thinker who is able to write frankly and with dignity on difficult subjects such as depression and sexuality. Upon reading James N. Powell's writings on Polynesian lovemaking, he was inspired to pen two volumes in Japanese introducing Powell's thoughts to his wide reading audience. Thus began the "Polynesian sex" (ポリネシアンセックス) revolution in Japan.

silent love
Beautifully written and produced, the novella Silent Love is the story of a Japanese couple suffering from marital problems, especially in the area of romance. They take a flight to the South Pacific, where they meet an anthropologist researching sexual customs in Oceania. During their conversation the anthtropologist instructs them in the ways of Polynesian sex.  There is a happy ending.
twleve chapters on love
Twelve Chapters on Love is a philosophical work in which Itsuki laments the spiritual crisis at the basis of Japanese sexual culture, with its emphasis on pornography, and offers what he views as a needed corrective in the form of the teachings on Polynesian sex.

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