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S L O W   L O V E   Polynesian love and romance are  promoted in America and by Japan's literary, health care and entertainment icons.
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Tahiti Beach Press Magazine : From the article "Tahitian Love" : "It seems that whenever lovers have escaped to the isles of Alofa, they have never packed a love guide of South Sea sensual wisdom. This is because such wisdom was never written down in traditional Polynesia, but conveyed orally from generation to generation, whispered as softly as trade winds blowing in over the reef and fanning the palms. " -- September 2009  read more
Spirituality & Health puceSpirituality & Health magazine : "Slow Sex: The Polynesian Way," is the cover story in the May/June 2009 issue.
"James N. Powell has been changing the way the Japanese make love for several years, as part of a government effort to boost Japan's declining population. His secret? Slow Sex. Here, he suggests that just as you see more of nature when you are quiet, you'll discover more of your own sexual/emotioanl depths when you become more still."
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LA Yoga
  LA Yoga : LA Yoga is Southern California's primier Yoga magazine:  The Yoga of Touch. read more
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  puceHiroyuki Itsuki (五木 寛之) :  Japan's most popular author and illustrious Buddhist thinker.  read more
masaharu fukiyama
  Masaharu Fukuyama (福山雅治) :  Singer, radio personality, actor, songwriter, photographer and generally well-liked guy.  read more

Kunio Kitamura
puce Kunio Kitamura (北村邦夫): Head of Japan's National Family Planning Associationread more
honolulu star bulletin
Honolulu Star Bulletin : Reviewed in Hawaii's oldest newspaper. "This book seeks to reveal the sensual 'secrets' of Polynesia."
ponui press
pucePonui Press :  read more
Energy and Eros
Hosei University Press (法政大 学出版局) Tokyo :  read more
Hiragana Times
puceHiragana Times magazine : read more
lclove cosmetic
LCLove Cosmetic ( : A Japanese company offering education and preparations such as mints, lotions, perfumes, oils and sundry items to enhance intimacy and make loving more fulfilling.
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